Easy’s First Three Days

I MUST say

this is not easy to watch.  My goal right now is to keep her as comfortable as possible so she’s not hurting and doesn’t get too excited and hurt herself.   All in all she’s doing pretty well. She is able to walk on her own to go potty but tires very easily.  She does not like for us to leave her side though and looks scared if she thinks we are .  I wish I could make her understand she’s going to be ok.  She is drinking and eating turkey when hand fed.

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2 thoughts on “Easy’s First Three Days”

  1. You’re right the first weeks can be very tough but it does get better. You are doing well to keep her calm and not let her do too much to fast. This is major surgery and it takes a while to recover and gain any stamina. Rusty had separation anxiety at first too but it got better after a few weeks, Easy just trusts you and knows she needs you right now. You are doing great and she just needs her person right now. She looks great and her incision looks good. You can do this!
    ❤️Amy & Rusty

  2. Hey guys, I’m glad you stopped in the chat yesterday. Yeah it’s difficult to see our pup’s out of it and looking so down, but really, that’s the healing and in time Easy will be back to that ball-chasing maniac she always was. Stay strong and remember, rest is medicinal. She’ll get there.

    P.S. I fixed your photo. What I did was put it in your Media Library and then chose the “Actual Size” option instead of the Thumbnail when picking a display size. Makes sense? If not I’m always hoppy to help, just private message me OK?

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